Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 1: Seen Around Town: B.U. Campus

Out 'n about at B.U. -- photo montage.

Day 1: Welcome to Beantown

Geometric Blob behind Marsh Chapel.

Thursday, March 19, 9:30 AM: I missed my 9 AM Fung Wah bus to Boston. It seems bus signal delays and overall traffic takes longer than I gauged, so I ended up chilling at Century Cafe & Bakery in C-town watching the aunties and uncles staring their day off with a cup of coffee and all manner of bao (buns). I ordered a small cup of tea with milk ($.80), coconut bun ($.70) and ham and egg bun ($.80). No tax, sweet. The cafe was bustling with folks eating, jostling, reading newspapers and otherwise gabbing over hot drinks and warm buns.

I scanned the tables for a seat but didn't see any open. One of the cashiers head-nodded to me to sit with some older folks. One of them was friendly to me and helped me get myself settled down, despite my gargantuan bags. he cordially tried to move out of my frame when he saw me taking pics. (I am now known as 'that friend who snaps shots of anything and everything'). I wasn't able to get too many shots since I didn't want to attract attention to myself. More pics of the cafe here.

The hanging lantern decor caught my eye - rows and rows of 'em. The gentleman one seat down from me gabbed on and on quite animatedly to his compadres, who would interject here and there. He was easily in his 60s but his youthful ardor shaved away years. He wore a spruce green blazer over an azure blue vest. When his companions were about to leave, he loudly wished them: 'Sun Tuy Geen Hong!' (Wishing you good health).

On the street, all manner of urban yuppies, metros in black pointed wingtip shoes, brown highlights and black wool coats rushed past me. As I was scanning for bakeries, I followed (not on purpose) a short, square man in an olive blazer and sky blue hoodie. He returned later carrying a bag of Jasmine rice and a big blue recyclables bag. Hey, a man's gotta buy his bread and butter.

I passed scrawls of graffiti on the highway but was too rapt in writing to think of taking pics. By that time, it was too late.

On my way to C-town, I got stuck in the subway. I rushed into the already packed compartment of a downtown E train and the bungee cord on my backpack was smushed between the doors. For a second I was immobile..until I figured out the cause.

Picnic tables behind College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

I never really noticed these picnic tables while I was a student at Boston University. It's funny how much you rediscover with new eyes when you're no longer rushing about from one building to the next to get to class on time.

Sky blue at BU Beach (not an actual beach).

This photo is kind of dark. I wish I knew what type of clouds these were but they had a soothing, calming effect on me. Shot at 6:40 PM EST.

More greenery outside CAS.

Vine and trellis overgrowth.

I have a thing for woodsy, ivy structures. These extra-long branches leech onto brick buildings like outstretched arms.

Century Cafe & Pastry (btn Grand and Hester)
123 Bowery
New York, NY

Boston Univerity Marsh Chapel/BU Beach
Bay State Rd. along the Charles River
Boston, MA 02215