Saturday, June 27, 2009


Point of (no) return.


Pucker up!

Cloud surfing.

Roped in.

Photo montage taken June 19. NHP & Huntington, NY.

Yoberry Fo Yo Mouth


BROOKLYN IS BURNING (and so is Chinatown).

The combination of a relentless sun and muggy humidity makes for one very sticky Sarah. Gross, I know. Which is where Yoberry comes in...

Shaved Fro-yo.

After we safely saw off our friend Kristal to the D train on Canal, we trekked over to Columbus Park to watch kids play ball and elderly Chinese folks congregated for the express purpose of playing cards. We even saw some old folks with their boom box and microphones, dancing and singing in Cantonese with practiced moves (strongly resembling Tai Chi...) and a peaceful smile on their lips.


I ducked into Yoberry for some relief in the form of....

Shaved Fro-yo!

DING-DING-DING. We have a winner!

One Shaved Fro-yo coming right up!

When I asked the waiter (that's him in the "Protect and Survive" T-shirt) what the black jelly tasted like, he couldn't describe it to me, thereby failing to answer my question. (And you claim to work here? Huh??!) He then proceeded to make fun of me in Cantonese to his co-worker, laughing about how I didn't know the difference between lychee and longan. (Trust me, I do.)

At first, I couldn't imagine I was being dissed by some schmucky-mugged minimum wager (I have nothing against minimum wagers, by the way. I'm one myself, but Puh-LEASE do not give me that. I may be jook sing, but I totally knew every word you were saying).


So, enough on my rant. Let's cut to the actual Shaved Fro-yo. It came with 4 toppings, so I chose strawberry, blueberry, mochi and longan (which is, ahem, decidedly not lychee). Starting from the bottom, each layer of fruit was then topped with a layer of condensed milk and shaved ice, piling up higher and higher until about a half inch from the top.

That's where the pyramid of frozen yogurt came in. I actually expected more frozen yogurt, but maybe I just like froyo a little more than the average person. Finally, I mixed all the ingredients together. While the mixture itself was cooling and refreshing - I especially liked my fresh toppings - the ice wasn't quite fine enough. Large chunks became difficult to cut with just a spoon. You could try using your teeth, but I wouldn't suggest it. Also, the condensed milk was a bit too heavy for such a hot day.

Me and my newest homeboy.

All in all, not a bad fruity iced treat. However, for $7 and an icky vibe from the staff, I'd probably skip Yoberry and just settle for a $2 ice cream down the block at Dunkin' Donuts. ZING!!

Someone needs a lesson in customer service.

Rating: 2.5 stars. I was considering a higher score, but my ethics couldn't condone dishonesty. Bottom line: No customer should have to put up with crap. Especially in another language. It's humiliating and downright immature. Please grow up, or at least wait until I leave before you make fun of me. Common sense, no? Save yourself a trip and head over to your nearest Red Mango or 16 Handles.

48 Mulberry St
New York, NY 10013