Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Ramen to Go, Dog

Mithra's dog, Aga, guarding the ramen.

It's amazing what tukbokki (Korean rice cakes), SPAM and a sprinkling of seasoning can do for your ramen. I just consumed Hong Ramyun a minute ago, so I find it funny that somewhere in the world Epik High's Mithra was also making ramen. We could've been chomping on ramen at the same time...Of course, his looks a lot more spiffier than my sparse bowl.

Something else Mithra once blogged about stood out in my mind: "Blogs need love too." Even though I'm working now - and I'm all for employment! - I must remember to keep the dream alive. Writing (or typing) in this blog is a way for me to communicate my food/music/green whimsies to the public. After deducting the monthly $--- for student loans, I'm most definitely setting aside some dough for my Travel Fund.

That's for when I can actually take a vacation...explore the unusual, offbeat, five senses-pleasing things I want to pursue, and share 'em with you via pictures and text.

True, everyday we strugglin'

But not without a reason.


Unleashing the Animal In You

Photo by dorsia.

In-n-out, how I miss thee.

When I saw a close-up shot of your animal-style goodness...your fresh, hot potato fingers never soggy or deep fried brought back fond memories.

Ingredients: Hand-cut fries, grilled onions, American cheese, "special" sauce.

Please come back to me.

'Gal' Sone Eats 20 Pounds of Curry

Can this girl eat or what?? Weighing in at just 95 pounds, Natsuko 'Gal' Sone sure has a fast metabolism. You have to wonder, though...where does all that food go? Is her stomach a bottomless pit?

All this footage of Japanese curry's got me fiending for some myself. Go!Go!Curry, anyone?

Source: Americurry.