Sunday, August 9, 2009

NEW Kero One video - Keep Pushin'

Bay area hip-hop head Kero One's got a new video out! You may remember him from my Epik High post when he opened for them at Irving Plaza in May.

The video shows off Kero One's lighthearted, goofy side. Check out those water gun zappers! He's got me reminiscing about childhood again.

Where can I cop one of those Kero One canned drinks??


"God is Love."

Eating, The Art of

Char siu red pork, assorted fish, broccoli.

Daeji bulgolgi (Korean spicy marinated pork).

Korean appetizers: Spinach, Gobi (cauliflower), etc.

Eight Treasure Rice.

Ingredients: Lotus seed, red date, red bean paste, sticky rice oil.

Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea.