Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lowdown on FroYo: 16 Handles

Lining up for 16 Handles.

I'm lousy without a map. And sometimes...even with a map (sadness). It took Chloe and I a good 20 minutes wandering through Greenwich Village, Thompson Square Park and Washington Square Park - looping through an outdoor fair on W. 10th & 7th - until we found our target destination: 16 Handles. The line was out the door. A quartet of mega-hipster ("I'm so hip I can't be seen standing next to you because I'll become un-hippified" strut-unh-OH YEAH) guys lounged around outside the store licking their froyo.

At last! We knew we must've hit gold.

Picks of the day.

16 Handles is one-of-a-kind in that it's the only frozen yogurt store in Manhattan that sells 16 varieties of frozen yogurt (and two sorbets) and a bazoooka of fun toppings (from graham cracker to mochi). After pumping down the handles of your chosen frozen yogurts into your cup, you pay by weight (the frozen yogurt's - not yours). Also I noticed that the fruit toppings are quite fresh. The strawberries did not have a frozen sheen.

Chloe mixed Margarita and Berry frozen yogurts with mochi, mango, raspberries, strawberries, graham cracker and sprinkles. I went for the Margarita and Original frozen yogurts, mango sorbet, mochi, kiwi, mango and gummy bears (it came to $3.99 exactly). But next time I'll switch it up and try something different. My personal favorite was the Margarita base, as it actually tasted like the cocktail (none of that "hint of" nonsense). And I love my mango and gummy bears!

Ahead of us in line stood a conveyor belt of a dozen similary dressed slight-waisted females in their skimpy dresses, tight leggings and gladiator sandals. One curvy chick who had cut the line to talk to a friend said she couldn't have any frozen yogurt because of "carbs." Uhm...seriously? Please don't talk to me about carbs when I'm about to take a most resplendent bite of this froyo. Just don't.

Photo by Single Guy Ben.

Blogger chef Single Guy Ben has a whole expose of frozen yogurts in the Bay area. Check out his site for a run-down of his hit list and his most recent escapade at Yoppi Yogurt.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. If it weren't for the long lines and my froyo starting to melt before I could sit down and eat it, I'd give it 5 stars. The frozen yogurt itself is not as rich or tangy-tart as Red Mango or Pinkberry, but the wide variety of flavors and toppings more than makes up for it.

16 Handles
153 2nd Av
New York, NY 10003

Everything Is Illuminated

Photo by EcoMeme.

For once, I don't think I'd mind wearing glasses. Even if they're a bit goofy-looking. But these high-quality iWood frames are made of wood! How crazy is that?

iWood glasses are developed from the unusable excess of an exotic veneer supplier in the USA. Each wood panel is certified by Forest Stewards Council. Made in Italy. 100% UVA/UVB protection. The lenses are combined with wood to create a chic sustainable design. At last, old world craftsmanship meets techy sophistication.

Even better, the glasses are designed by none other than high school students who earn college credits and receive a competitive salary while gaining experience.

Random Aside: I'm not sure what happens if you sweat - does the wood give off a weird odor? I'm guessing no, since the varnish should cover the wood.

Photo by mezzoblue.

Here's an iWood iPhone. These came out in June 2007. Read more on it at Treehugger.

I Dare You to Eat the Table

Photo by Minale Media.

Food is art.

Look closely: This is no ordinary dining table. In fact, everything is miniature-sized and the tablecloth is actually made of bread, ham and cheese sewn together. A cross between food and stylish threads. Bet you your grandma wouldn't have though of this!

"Sewing is a technique of clothing translated into food."

Tablecloth 2004