Saturday, December 19, 2009


"Super Dry" Asahi.

While this is Japan's No. 1 beer, I'm not sure I prefer it over Sapporo. Asahi is certainly very dry, if you like your beer that way. I think I prefer dark lagers over light. The headier the better!

Asahi Beer.

Straight from Tokyo.


Daifuku is a thin, glutinous rice cake (mochi) filled with sweet red azuki beans - the same beans used to make my refreshing warm-weather favorite, pat bing soo. This white variety is the most common, though daifuku also comes in different shades. My friend Wendy loves these. I took just a quarter of it and had my fill already. They're way too sweet to eat in one sitting!

Mochi is nice. Mochi is rice.

Shiitake & Choy.

Anything for You, Pumpkin

Pumpkin bread this good could have only been made by the able hands of Chef Mom.

Salivation ensues...

Soupy Seconds

Tomato Soup and Panini.

...Because some days you're just in a tomato-soup-and-apple-cranberry-turkey-panini kind of mood. Don't forget the crackers!

From Barnes & Noble Cafe.