Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tokyo, Land of Cocktails

Photo by Tony Law.

Utada Hikaru, Shibuya street style, anime, drifting, scramble crossing, subways.

What isn't Tokyo known for?

While cocktails may not top your list, this article by Bon Appetit will have you considering Tokyo's other fine points. Writer Hugh Garvey conducts interviews with bartenders and notes some colorful observations concerning Tokyo's imbibers. The accompanying annotated map eagerly tempts you to dive into Tokyo's cocktail revolution.

Cucumber Croc

Image by Funky Lunch.

OK, I am a dork and I think this is cute. I'm still in awe of these culinary designs. Funky Lunch brings you whimsical food creations, including Pacman and Hello Kitty! Made with such skill, who could actually eat these?

Funky Monkey

Photo by RealMomsGuide.

Wish I had one of these lunch boxes when I was a kid. Frecklebox sells one-of-a-kind personalized lunch boxes, journals, coloring books and even growth charts. I think I would've enjoyed indulging my inner rockstar. Just think - my own monogrammed drum set!

Strange Birds.

Inspired by Theme Magazine's Issue 20.

Close your eyes and imagine a world in which:

Squirrels converse with HUMANS.

Shoplifting is the newest hipster FAD.

Upstanding citizens engage in random punch-outs in the name of LOVE.

Women take more than just a motherly interest in their CHILDREN.

Robots arrange walking marathons to proliferate the cause of BAGEL.



Now open them.