Monday, May 4, 2009

Please Don't Kiss Me, You Slobbery Pig

So what's up with the swine flu? Ever since the first case erupted from Mexico three weeks ago, the public's uneasiness about the pig-transmitted virus is only growing. Witness the pandemonium: Airplane flight diversions, 30+ cases being reported in New York and Texas (among other areas) and school-wide shutdowns in Boston and Deer Park, NY -- not to mention all those white cough masks.

Treehugger conducted an informal interview with global health and emerging disease expert Laurie Garrett. Garrett is a fellow on the Council for Foreign Relations. She also wrote the book, The Coming Plague.

Suffice to say, I won't be kissing a pig anytime soon. (Try not to think of cuddly, cute sheep dog wannabe Babe.)


Egg McBao

Photo by Jason Lam.

Peeped this over at Serious Eats. You can make your very own McDonald's Egg McMuffin, Chinese-style! Actually, I've been doing this for years, except I use Thomas' English Muffin for the bread. A healthy breakfast D-lite to jump start your day.