Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunrise and Sunset...and Some Beer

"Stolen Lame Beer Glass."

BOSTON - I'm back.

I was in town this past weekend to film a video with my friend for a travel contest. While there, I figured I'd catch up with as many people as possible. And treat myself to some good eats.

First up: Sunset Cantina. Back in college, Sunset was best known as the local go-to joint for Mexican fare and (what else?) beer. The restaurant has more than 112 beers on tap. They also make a pretty mean margarita.

For the love of beer.

My three buddies and I decided to sample the beer selection.

Guess which one is mine? (The one with my namesake.) I enjoyed the fruity Ipswich, though the beer itself wasn't as smooth or fizzy as I'd prefer. The infusion of blueberries lent a definitive taste to the beer. No doubt about it: Blueberries washed in a bath of beer.

I think I'll try the pumpkin beer next time. I've been in a fall kind of mood lately.

Above, from L-R: Ipswich Blueberry with real blueberries, Narrangansett Lager, Guinness, Hommel Ale.

Famished after filming, we all eagerly dug into our appetizer - a humongous batch of nachos drenched in cheese, chili, guacamole and salsa. Soooo good...

I had the Jerk Chicken Sandwich. The chicken was tender, though a mite overcooked. I wasn't expecting authentic Southern-style soul cooking, but the chicken could definitely have been more flavorful. Bring on the spices, please! Watermelon was kind of a random addition but refreshing nonetheless. No complaints on the hot, crunchy fries. After all those filling nachos, however, I ended up bagging half the sandwich.

Bruh love.

Some of us were knocked out by the...food. Our waitress, Bianca, drew a heart on our bill (heart, Bianca).