Thursday, July 2, 2009

Astoria: Star Pizza

Star Pizza.

This entry originally took place on June 25.

I found myself wandering Astoria in search of a friend of a friend's house for a pre-screening of the human trafficking documentary Not For Sale. After pulling a bit of a corn maze trick and mistakenly transferring to the W train instead of the R train, we finally arrived at the right spot.

As always, I was hungry. Halfway during the documentary - which detailed the bleak plight of runaways, prostitutes and children sold as sex slaves - I heard a distinct growling noise. Embarrassed, I peeked furtively to my left and my right, but it wasn't coming from around me. Rather, it was FROM me. My hand dropped to my stomach, as if to reprimand the whining monster. The sound reminded me of pet hamsters running forever in circles, except it was occurring in my stomach. The light ramen lunch I had earlier didn't help either.

Pork-broccoli slice.

After the screening, we stopped by Star Pizza on Steinway. I scanned the rows of colorful pizza and settled on a plump pork-broccoli slice ($3.25). Three minutes later, I was chowing down on that sucker.

The Great Outdoors.

We took a seat on the outdoor patio chairs in the back where it was less crowded and we could escape the grueling 80 degree heat. This Italian restaurant seems to remain a local neighborhood joint and is unfettered by the masses residing outside the 718 area code.


The Sun Also Sets.

By the way, if you are located in the New York Metropolitan area, please support the grassroots efforts of Not For Sale by coming out to the documentary screening at Astoria Park on Friday, August 14. Help raise awareness of this real and imminent issue that is currently gripping the world. You can also join the Facebook campaign and learn more about the event.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. My slice was thick and juicy and thoroughly satisfying, without being too oily. The dairy did not settle too heavily in my stomach.

Star Pasta & Pizza Inc.
3151 Steinway St
Astoria, NY 11103

Caught in the Act

He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good

He's a rebel 'cause he never ever does what he should

Attempt #1: Loitering.

Attempt #2: Trespassing.

Attempt #3: Vandalism.

Attempt #4: Theft.

Chained to the ruffian spirit.

'Cause he's not a rebel, no no no
He's not a rebel, no no no, to me
(He's not a rebel, no no no
He's not a rebel, no no no
He's not a rebel, no no no
He's not a rebel, no no no)

-The Crystals

NOTE: No laws were broken in the making of this photo montage. Pictures taken on June 23. New York, NY.

Robo Man, Barista at Your Service

While the Japanese may be known these days for their proliferation of anime, kooky prank TV shows and mouth-watering street food, let's not forget how agile they are in the technology department.

Case in point: Robot baristas serving up your morning cup o' joe. Next thing you know, robots will be be doing your laundry, taking the kids to school and then...what would we need people for? Just hire a robot cleaning lady! I wonder how steep the price would be.

Serious Eats posted a fun video demonstration of a Japanese robot girl grinding coffee.

Japanese dramas have toyed with the idea of falling in love with a robot. How...romantic?

Be careful what you wish for!

How to Mix An Exploding Drink

Steve Springer challenges the Mentos ice cube prank, popularize on WIRED magazine. For some of you, this Mythbusters-like experiment will come as no surprise. Shake things up (ha. ha...) with this exploding drink concoction. Sure to challenge your friends' conception of the bubbly. doesn't work.

That's right. Turns out the prank is nothing but a hoax.

But don't despair! Springer then adjusts the experiment, taking out the ice cubes and ~voila~ instant reaction! Time to put on your mad scientist cap.