Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Came Early

Photo by Tavalon.

For my kind of guy...

Me No Speak

I'm up to lesson 29 of Pimsleur's "Learn to Speak Beginner's Japanese." As much as I enjoy amusing my co-workers with new phrases and actually understanding the Jdramas I watch, it sure is a piece of work! Memorizing a boatload of new vocabulary, not to mention getting down the grammar structure...nothing comes easy (especially when you're past 21).

If you don't have the patience, look no further! Me No Speak Language Companion is just what you need. Available in Chinese, Japanese and Thai, these pocket-sized phrase books cover all your bases - from food to basic hygiene. They're printed in both English and the target language, along with colorful pictures. How can you not dig it?

Be on the lookout for Me No Speak Korea and Turkey, coming soon.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle.