Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's LUNCH

Spam & Egg Miso Ramen.

Today's lunch consists of:

-2 pieces of sliced sodium-reduced spam (still plenty salty)
-1 boiled egg
-1 packet of Sapporo miso ramen
-handful of bok choy (not pictured)
-1 hearty appetite

Chunks of spam.

Always hits the spot.

Clazziquai: Where Chocolate Truffles Fall

My new favorite song. I've been hitting "repeat" for the last half hour. Woe is me.

"Chocolate Truffles" is the first track off of Clazziquai's new album, Mucho Punk. I think it would make the perfect soundtrack to the second season of "Coffee Prince." Just a suggestion. Plus, you don't have to understand Korean to get the gist of this song. So crank the volume, pull a chocolate truffles and start melting.

While you're at it, go watch Chocolat featuring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. I've already seen it twice and it doesn't get old.