Sunday, February 28, 2010

Financier's Fancy Macarons

After my last trip to Madeleine Patisserie, I had to continue my macaron hunt. That chewy, buttery bite - how to recreate the experience?

Well, Wall Street's Financier Patisserie, with its smart green-and-white striped logo, seemed worth a look. Inside, my eye was lured in by displays showcasing all manner of French cakes, pastries and paninis. But my resolve was firm. As much as the robust brewed illy coffee teased my nostrils, I was going for the macaron!

But which one?

It was a toss-up between classic Chocolate and Caramel Banana ($2.25 each). I went for the latter, just because the name seemed more creative. Financier's macarons are not as small as Madeleine's, with a decidedly more hefty circumference. Not as buttery-rich, either. Sweet, healthy-tasting bananas infused every inch. Soft and not as chewy or dense as Madeleine's. Ironically, that's what I enjoyed about Madeleine macarons: the borderline cakey denseness. So these weren't my ideal texture, but the flavor was inviting.

A thin sliver of caramel in the middle. Chocolate powder on the exterior completed the look. Caramel Banana was a tad crusty/crumbly on the outside and a bit too sweet for my palate. At times, the banana seemed overwhelming. Overall, this macaron was fluffy, light and sweet. I'd try the Chocolate next time and run another comparison.

I eavesdropped on the coffee line and heard requests for these drinks: Chai Latte ("three shots"). Red Eye. Cafe au Lait.

Rating: I'd have to do a more thorough test-run of Financier's other offerings before giving out a rating. Peep their mouthwatering breakfast and lunch options.

Financier Patisserie
62 Stone St
New York, NY 10004

Chinese Takeaway

Unlike Chinese take-out, Chinese takeaway implies that I get dibs on the remains of Grandma's cooking, which I will whisk away with, thereby assuring next day's gastronomic merriment (AKA "glorious leftovers").*

That would be our Chinese New Year's dinner at Grandma's: a combination of home-cooked and store-bought. You guess which is which. (It's not that hard.)

*I'm pretty sure this sentence was not grammatically correct in one shape or form.

Pokka Milk Coffee: 89 cents. Procured from St. Mark's Sunrise Mart.