Sunday, May 3, 2009

Everything Is Illuminated

Photo by EcoMeme.

For once, I don't think I'd mind wearing glasses. Even if they're a bit goofy-looking. But these high-quality iWood frames are made of wood! How crazy is that?

iWood glasses are developed from the unusable excess of an exotic veneer supplier in the USA. Each wood panel is certified by Forest Stewards Council. Made in Italy. 100% UVA/UVB protection. The lenses are combined with wood to create a chic sustainable design. At last, old world craftsmanship meets techy sophistication.

Even better, the glasses are designed by none other than high school students who earn college credits and receive a competitive salary while gaining experience.

Random Aside: I'm not sure what happens if you sweat - does the wood give off a weird odor? I'm guessing no, since the varnish should cover the wood.

Photo by mezzoblue.

Here's an iWood iPhone. These came out in June 2007. Read more on it at Treehugger.

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