Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Birthday

Law bot go (turnip cake).


One of my favorite dim sum foods is law bot go, or turnip cake. These were a bit too soft and not fried enough around the edges. The texture could be best defined as a pulpy goo (I know - attractive). Definitely not Northern Manor's best dish.

Ga lei bao (curried beef bun).

The curried beef buns, however, were a lot better. They were fresh and hearty, with a chewy bite and just a hint of spice. (Sorry you can't see the front, as I accidentally turned them upside down. Egad.)

Stuffed peppers with shrimp.


After emptying our plates, some of us had a massive attack of food coma. Must've been all that meat. Quick - drink that jasmine tea!

Under the arch.

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