Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Fixins

Apologies for the lack of regular updates. I've been down and out with a bad stomach virus for the past week and haven't had much appetite for anything other than congee. However, I'm back on my feet once again and ready to tackle more salivating gastronomica come 2010.

Here's a brief recap of Christmas dinner (which I still tasted here and there, stomach bug notwithstanding). Hey, a foodie's gotta eat!


Clockwise, from left: Turkey with apple stuffing, baked ziti, sweet potatoes (I helped prepare those), turkey gravy, turkey juice, string beans, more sweet potatoes.

Turkey with apple stuffing.

We picked this one up at Iavarone Bros, an Italian deli/grocery in my town. Iavarone always has a great selection of meats, cheese, and soft, fluffy bread fresh from the oven. I like to pick up one of the many sandwiches for my lunch shifts at work. The turkey-apple-on-pita-bread is one of my favorites, so it's little wonder that apple stuffing complements turkey. Add some cranberries for a delicate, sweet balanced taste. Why hadn't I thought of this earlier? Maybe next year I'll attempt my own version.

Baked Ziti.

Mom's baked ziti always comes out a winner. Perhaps it's the homemade ingredients, or all the love that goes into preparing it. All I know is that ricotta cheese rocks!

Pumpkin Pie.

Sis and I make pumpkin pie every year during the winter holidays. It's our tradition. However, this time around she was solo chef (since I was bedridden). I couldn't get a shot of the entire pie - it's just too popular to be left alone. And Grandpa loves it!


Of course, our doggie received a present as the form of a donut squeaky toy. Paws off!

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