Monday, January 18, 2010

Fishing for Memories, Pt I

Forgive the graininess. These pictures were taken from an old cell phone, circa 2007-08. Some good times...

Sun-dappled Lake. Rindge, NH.

Toah Nipi is one of my favorite retreat centers. I trekked there at least three or four times in college via the big yellow cheese bus (AKA school bus). It was really an oasis away from the grind of city-/student-life. I would throw on my red life vest and go canoeing with a few buddies, or just sit by the quiet beachy area and watch the ripples on the shore.

Everything in slow motion. No cars screeching, horns honking, people yapping on their phones. Not even a Green Peace-er in sight! Hallelujah!

Aya Battles the Giant Flowers.

My friend Aya traveled with me to San Francisco the summer of 2007. Soon after, she visited me in New York, and I took her around all my old haunts. Here, we stroll down Flushing Botanical Gardens and admire the leafy plumage. She tries not to get zapped by the crimson buggers. Yes, we're a little theatrical.

Roses are Red.

Rose Conservatory. San Francisco, CA.

Moss-covered Stones.

Japanese Zen Garden. San Francisco, CA.

The Remains of the Day.

Alcatraz. San Francisco, CA.

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