Friday, February 27, 2009

Gastroporn/For the Love of Food

"R" you hungry yet?

Excellent article by Drew Lazor from Theme magazine about the addictive nature of food blogging. Whether you're someone who enjoys concocting culinary creations, snapping pictures of your food adventures or writing restaurant reviews, fellow foodies know what I'm talking about when I say that we all have one thing in common: A die-hard passion for food. Food isn't just a fun hobby or activity for us -- it's part of our lifestyle.

It's not enough that something tastes good -- we have to know what's in it. What herbs, spices, coloring and cooking processes made this item what it is? We pay extraordinary attention to flavors, textures and temperatures. And yes, we're a bit obsessive (that's an understatement).

Experiencing a severe case of food coma.

Theme magazine's February/March 2009 issue, aptly titled For the Love of Food, explores the different ways we approach food, through a hodgepodge of pictures, stories, reviews and food diary entries. I hope you'll pick up this issue, bursting with diverse gastronomic gems. Bringing the multi-culti flavor of life to an inner gourmand near you...

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