Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When Tofu Met Chili

Overheard: “It’s like this Korean Mexican fusion thing of crazy deliciousness.”

Tofu and Chili were consummated (or was that consumed) yesterday in Santa Monica, Calif. at a truck stand selling "spicy bites of pork, chicken or tofu soaked in red chili flake vinaigrette, short ribs doused in sesame-chili salsa roja or perhaps a blood sausage sautéed with kimchi, all of it wrapped in a soft taco shell." Peep the New York Times article here, which also gives props to up-and-coming Korean restaurateurs in the LA area.

As Korean food becomes more understood and accepted, its popularity should naturally increase. As for me, I'll continue to pay homage to my favorite 24-hour Korean BBQ, Kum Gang San. There are two locations: One in Manhattan and the other in Flushing, but I'm partial to the latter. The chefs know how to do it right. And I get as much ban chon (appetizers) as I like. It helps when I speak some Korean, too.

I really should have made more of an effort to hunt down Kogi while I was in LA. Next time, I won't let it go so easily.

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  1. MAN, everyone I know has been going to this truck stand.....maybe I'll get a chance in sad.