Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 5: Cafe Brazil

Eu entiendo Portuguese! Um poco... (I understand Portuguese! A little...)
Pronunciation: Ee-oo eng-TENG-do Por-too-GUESS! Oom po-co...

Hey, at least I could pronounce the dishes on the menu. That means the Brazilian Portuguese lessons are working...

Julia and I were hunkering for something new in the neighborhood. A few clicks on Boston MenuPages and we found ourselves at Cafe Brazil in Allston. Hannah and Rachel came along for the ride.

Mustard, honey glazed walls and mellow yellow decor created a fiesta atmosphere. A six foot long mirror created an illusion of more space. In the back, an island painting took up an entire wall, transporting diners to a warmer climate. An Asian family was celebrating a birthday when we arrived around 8 p.m. Friendly, gracious waiters took our orders.

Hard to see here, but the Xingu Black Beer advertised on our table beckoned us to "Explore the Heart of Darkness." Maybe next time, pal.

Julia ordered the Super PF do Peao, a plate of sauteed vegetables with rice, beans, pasta marinara and sausage. She treated us all, like the sugar daddy that she is. I'll have to return the favor next time.

Rachel got the Bife de Boi, thin slices of beef in a garlic mariinated, lightly sauteed with onions and served with fresh vegetables.

Not pictured: Peixe a Dore, fresh filet of fish in an egg batter, then simmered in a wine and garlic sauce, sauteed with seasonal vegetables (Hannah's); Rabada, slow-simmered oxtail with rice, beans, pasta and sausage (mine). The Rabada was one of the Specials of the day. It was heavy on the salt but the oxtail pieces nearly melted in my mouth. Divine. Honestly, though, I could live on rice and beans alone.

Most of the dishes are meant to be shared family-style.

Pudim, a rich baked custard pudding with caramel sauce ($2.95). The pudim had an airy, almost mousse-like consistency and was drizzled in caramel sauce for a sweeter touch. We also got the Torta de Abacaxi, or pineapple torta. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. It might've come straight from the freezer.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. We ate here on a Monday night, so I wasn't exactly expecting a five-star dinner. Still, very good for its rice and beans.

Cafe Brazil
421 Cambridge St
Allston, MA 02134

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