Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 5: Pho Sure

Traipsing around town in new three-inch heels is no easy feat. After lugging my heavy shoes and a bulky folder of resumes to a rather uneventful Boston Career Fair, it was high time to warm up my stomach (and my mood) with a big ole bowl of pho.

Pho cures colds, hangovers and poor spirits. Something about the warm, spicy beef broth, crunchy bean sprouts and thick noodles plug up that empty pit inside. There it was -- Pho Pasteur, crammed full with students, families and co-workers on lunch break.

Half the waiters barked orders in Cantonese. I stifled a laugh. This is, after all, Chinatown.

A serve-yourself caddy allows you to grab your own chopsticks, spoon and hot sauce. I sat in a tight two-seater keeping the jade jeweled elephant above me company.

I ordered #13, a large meat bowl ($6.75). The dry pork was slightly off-putting, but I hungrily gnawed on the tender beef. Lots of meat! And a decent share of white rice noodles. Don't forget the lime and bean sprouts.



Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pork could've been better, but the pho was worth it for the quick service and steaming hot bowl ready to be devoured.

Pho Pasteur
682 Washington St
Boston, MA 02111

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