Monday, April 20, 2009

Caked by Chai

Photo by The Food Librarian.

The Food Librarian's recent foray into baking Sky-High Cakes using Chai Black Tea inspired me to do the same. Her three-inch stack rendition, above. As much as I'm a tea connoisseur, I'd never really thought about incorporating tea into cakes. (Can someone tell me why tea cakes don't actually...contain...tea?)

Oh how I love Chai Tea. I like mine spicy (as I enjoy most things). While I don't mind a cup of Yogi Chai Black or Peet's Masala Chai, nothing beats home-style Punjabi Chai. I had it once in Arlington, Mass. and it was the epitome of Chai-ness. Stash Chai Spice is great for making at home.

I declare Chai Cake as my next experiment!

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