Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 7: In the Mood for Mango

This entry originally took place on March 25.

Wednesday, March 25: I took the 1 p.m. Fung Wah bus from Boston to New York. When I emerged from the heat-regulated bus, it was a sunny 50 degrees. I couldn't have picked a better day for arrival. The sun covered my back. Everywhere around me, friendly smiles greeted me. People's faces seemed to glow from the touch of spring. Boys played ball in the park and passersby reclined on benches in the nearby park, watching the children hoot 'n holler.

Back to Century Cafe. (I'll locate more local cafes/bakeries in Ctown next time I'm not loaded down with three big pieces of luggage...) I was in the mood for mango and pointed to the mango boba. The counter lady informed me that the cafe had run out of boba. RUN OUT OF BOBA??! How does a full-service cafe/bakery run out of boba? Beats me. In any case, I settled for the mango slushee instead, which only put me back $2.50.

Happily sucking mango icies through the tall straw, I am happy to report that the slushee was made of real mango and not...sickly sweet sugary syrup. I sat next to an uncle in a black puffy coat. Peeking below the table, I noticed he was wearing black-and-white checkered pants. The soaring strains of David Tao's "Melody" played softly in the background, followed by James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" and a smattering of Jay Chou ballads. Go Mandarin/Taiwanese Pop!

Oh how I love you, New York. Just when I think I've had enough of your windy 20-degree temps, spring comes and smacks me upside the head.

Then I headed underground. Pick-up point: Kew Gardens. After emerging back into the light, I was thirsty again. All that human contact in heavily congested subways while heaving around luggage had sucked the strength out of me. Enough weightlifting madness. As if I hadn't had enough of my mango quota (haha, you can never OD on that stuff, so says I), I ordered Starbucks' Vivanno banana-orange-mango smoothie. Almost too thick for a straw, but chock full of vitamin-infused fruit.


Rachel gave me her special stash of tea from her spring break Hong Kong trip. Her aunt packed me all that berry goodness. Fortified. Now the only problem is finishing my already bountiful tea collection. I counted 25 varieties in the pantry last time...I only wish I was joking. Well, if all else fails, I'll open my own tea-pothecary. After all, sharing's caring!

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