Friday, April 3, 2009


This entry originally took place on March 27.

Friday night delight: When I'm craving big, home-style platters of meat, rice and beans, Dominican Restaurant in Uniondale hits the spot. The restaurant shares the same vicinity as Hofstra University and concert-friendly Nassau Coliseum.

The butter just melted on our soft-to-the-touch bread. Its texture reminded me of the homemade slices of garlic bread Mom used to make for me as an after-school snack. Limes on the side garnished our ice waters.


Fresh greens, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes in my salad. The crunchy "snap" of the cucumbers, mixed with the balsamic vinegar dressing, had a satiating effect. So did the refreshing Presidente ($4), a bitter- fizzy beer from the Dominican Republic. You can get them for $1 - $1.50 in the mother country, but it was still refreshing. Otra cerveza, por favor!

Mom's roasted chicken was tender in spots (thighs), overly fried in others (wings). Some of the chicken pieces pulled apart at the slightest touch. I relished the lemon-garlic flavor.

Dad's steamed red snapper, bathed in oils and herbs, stood out the most. Moistness defined.

Behind us, a table of three teenage girls giggled and chatted with their father. Two curly-haired waitresses holding a chocolate cake drifted toward their table, busting out the "Happy Birthday" song -- first in English, then in Spanish. Our waiter, a balding older gentleman who's our usual server, was a bit more brusque and tired than usual. Despite his curt manner, I'd still go for the heaping platefuls of meat, rice and beans -- not to mention the crunchy tostones (crispy fried plantains).

Beef stew.

See that pile of rice and beans in the back? I could come here for that alone. Peas are sprinkled throughout the yellow rice, and the sauce is addicting. The red beans are typically seasoned with thyme, cayenne pepper and bay leaf. Try it for yourself! Dominican Restaurant also sells an excellent oxtail stew.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. The service isn't as cheerful or accurate as I remember (our waiter forgot our tostones), which could be due to a number of factors. But kick back with a bottle of Presidente and you'll feel alright again.

Dominican Restaurant
1019 Front St
Uniondale, NY 11553

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