Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cheat Sheet: Crepes

Crepe Mix.

Oh no! It's lunchtime and there's nothing to be found in the kitchen. Except, hold on...crepe mix! This one happened to be from Williams-Sonoma. Sure, you can make them from scratch the good ole French way, but the mix is ideal for times when you want to whip up something effortlessly on the fly.

Prepping the eggs.

Follow the directions on the back of the recipe tin. It doesn't get easier than that. You only need a few essential ingredients (eggs, water and butter or oil for the pan).


For the filling, just chop up some strawberries and bananas (not pictured). In addition to the strawberry-banana crepe, I made a nutella and banana crepe, as I find those ingredients work well together.

Flip it!

Creamy fruit crepe.

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