Thursday, June 11, 2009

Celebrating a Life at Kum Gang San

Waterfalls outside the restaurant.

This entry originally took place on May 23.

For Momma Bear's birthday, we went to the source of our Korean addiction: Kum Gang San.

Kum Gang San has treated us very well in the 4+ years since we've been eating here. It all began with that Korean cookbook I rummaged from my high school's library sale. 25 cents a pop. I gave it, along with a Japanese cookbook, to my mom. It was her first exposure to such cuisine. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Ban chon til my stomach explodes.

Mommy dearest requested a trip back to Kum Gang San to get her fill of kalbi, bibimbap and all the delightful appetizers Koreans are known for. The super soft tofu was a big hit, along with the seafood pajun, which was stuffed with squid, shrimp, leeks and onions (yes - I did eat the onion).

Kalbi served with 'special sauce.'

Seafood pajun and a bite of lotus.

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