Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hong Kong, Ltd.

Goodies from Hong Kong!

Discover Magazine.

Man, Hong Kong's in-flight magazines are so much more interesting and better designed than the ones in the U.S. Cathay Pacific's Discover magazine even had interviews with architects, filmmakers and wine purveyors. Bright graphics, a fun techie section and streamlined layout make for a good read.

Alive, not Dead.

Can you feel the energy??! This granola bar had an ideal ratio of flavor / texture. One bite and I was hooked.

Abalone-Flavored Rice Noodles.

The packaged noodles are so much more refined than ones I can find here in the States. They've got rice noodles and vermicelli, in flavors such as abalone, chicken, beef, etc. I think my family was totally spoiled with good Chinese food because HK's noodles and seafood are bomb.

Mrs. Field's.

What other place elevates Mrs. Field's to such classy packaging? Cookie's never looked so...sweet.

Banana Bread.

This cute little slice of banana bread came in the pretty cut-out bowl (not cheap stuff, either). And this is airplane fare. Book me a flight on Cathay Pacific next time?

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