Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Cooking Adventures with Sarah

Ramyun with Korean veggies, bulgolgi, dduk, egg.

Doesn't this one just scream: EAT ME!!! I obeyed the command. Hong is my preferred brand of ramyun for its chewy, hearty texture. I'm an al dente person, and I loathe soggy noodles.

Kimchi Chigae.

As you can tell from the picture, this is a mild version of kimchi chigae because I was still at odds with my salty gochujang and didn't feel like drinking five glasses of water to make up for it. Otherwise, I'd go for spicy. I added turkey, egg, dduk and Korean greens for some vegetable content.

Kimchi Chigae with appetizers.

I love ban chan. Period.

Neopolitan Egg Spaghetti, pre-mix.

I bought the book Easy Japanese Cooking: Noodle Comfort by chef Kentaro Kobayashi. This guy is a culinary genius. Seriously, he manages to make easy versions of semi-complicated dishes that end up with such a precise taste. Best of all, his recipes aren't 20 ingredients long, and most can be made within 30 minutes or so.

Neopolitan Egg Spaghetti, plated.

What are you waiting for? Go cop his book! Other recipes I'm fiending to try are his Ricotta, Egg & Tomato Spaghetti, Yakisoba Omurice and Carbonara.

By the way, like my paper plates? Yes, I'm low-frills. But I don't skimp on meals. This one dish gave me gastronomic joys for two days.

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