Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 4: Because I'm Asian

Now, some people may look down on porridge as some kind of peasants' gruel, but I happen to enjoy pay-dan sow yook jook, otherwise known as preserved duck egg and lean pork congee. This is also my mom's favorite home-style Chinese dish, and she eats it whenever she's craving some comfort food to cleanse the body. It was my aunt's day off, so we braced our stomachs for some dim sum at Empress Pavilion.

This would be mango pudding. Everyone who knows me knows I like my mango, and in any form: fresh fruit, dried, jelly, juice, pudding -- you name it. The mango pudding at Empress Pavilion, however, tasted more egg-y than mango-y...which is well and fine, just different from what I'm used to. (And yes, that is pineapple on top of the mango. Don't ask why.)

In the afternoon, we drove over to Little Tokyo, or Japantown, for some cheap home goods. I snapped this pic outside an eatery that was closed for the day. What I would give for a huge ramen bowl and fresh fruit dessert!

I know, I know. I'm late to hop on the Beard Papa bandwagon, but jump on it I did. After taking one bite of this delightful, gooey cream puff, I was convinced: Beard Papa, I bow down to you. I don't know how you do it, but you managed to make an anti-cream person not only taste your whipped lip-smackin' goodness, but relish every bite. Oh, and the green tea boba wasn't bad either (could be less sweet, though).

"Jesus Saves" - this picture was taken from my cousin's loft on the 19th floor of Downtown LA.

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