Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 5: What do Fleas and Farmers have in common?

Answer: Markets!

Okay, I know that was cheesy. But I must reiterate my love for farmers' markets -- there's something reassuring about the colorful array of produce, fruits, spices and all manner of edibles dangling in front of your face in neatly stacked rows. Wandering in and out of stalls is a pleasure that cannot be found in generic, temperature-regulated malls. And the assortment of honey! The variety was astounding -- orange blossom, wild thistle, blueberry, and lots more!

A European grocery store with imported chocolate, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, taqueria, gumbo, french crepes, Korean and even Pinkberry: whatever your current fixation is, the farmers' market is bound to have it. This one was the Original Farmers' Market at The Grove.

The peaches were especially tasty: just the right amount of tangy crunch on the outside and sweet, pulpy inside.

The mangoes were not quite ripe yet.

Hello, my name is Bob and I'm a recovering caffeine- and sugar-addict. My daily M.O. is ordering a medium Hawaiian Kona coffee ($1.65) and a New Orleans beignet ($.99). I have never regretted my purchase.

The older gentleman in the picture looked at me warily for half a second, as if to inquire non-verbally: You're not taking a picture of me, are you? He went back to reading his two-inch book.

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