Monday, March 9, 2009

Flushing Lights, Lights


Yesterday night's dinner at The Grandparents'. Flushing never ceases to delight me with its eats. Tonight's menu: Home-style Cantonese flavor. Represented at the table were...Roasted pork, duck, sesame chicken, soy sauce chicken, tender Chinese pepper steak, fish with fungus, snap peas and chestnuts. I always end up having seconds of Grandma's signature soup. Just wish I knew what was in it...

Chinese pepper steak.

Juicy goodness in every bite.

Grandma slicing oranges.

Grandma claims there's nothing to see here, shooing me away.

"Take pictures later, when the oranges are all cut," she says.

But I like watching her slice, cut and dice. In-motion.

Flowery retro chair.

Flushing at night.

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