Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's Play! Tele(banana)phone

L-R: Lil Jon, A.

Ring! Ring! B-r-riiiiiiiiiing!!!

LJ: Hi! Are you there, sis?
A: Mm hmm..

Lil Jon gets his pout on.

A: Sorry, I'm kind of busy at the moment. Can we talk another time?
LJ: Butttt -- you promised me we could bring Curious George to the zoo and let him play with all the other monkeys. NO FAIR!!

Finalizing plans.

A: Wellll, I can make a special exception for you. But you'll have to wear a monkey suit. Otherwise, the other monkeys will think you're human and they won't trust you.
LJ: Hmm...OK! I'll get my costume ready. You bring the bananas.
A: Got it.

Hangs up.

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