Monday, April 13, 2009

Sarah I.: Supermarket Sleuth, P.I.

Bunny (not to be confused with Banh Mi, pronounced bun-me)

This entry originally took place on April 4.

Look -- bunnies! Just in time for Easter (unlike this entry..). Ice cream cake still remains my favorite type of cake, followed closely by cheesecake, strawberry shortcake and tiramisu.


Notice the juxtaposition of the New York Yankees coolers next to the Martinelli's. Martinelli's sparkling cider is supremely fizzy and is made from 100% pure fruit juice grown in the U.S. Sparkling grape juice might even trump it...


...and balls

My brother gets his game face on. When I was a kid, my sister and I used to get scolded at for playing with bouncy balls inside the house. One time something shattered. That was the end of our bouncy ball escapades.

Pink Ladies-in-waiting

I've actually never tried Pink Lady apples, but they look dainty and refined. I hear they are refreshing and sweet, with a pink blush.

So the whole point of this post's title is due to my run-in with supermarket authorities, AKA violation of "Thou shalt not take pictures in the supermarket." I don't know what article of what clause (blah-blah) this belongs to, but a Supermarket Employee (SE) caught me taking pics and pulled me aside, saying:

"You're not allowed to take pictures in here."

"She's not trying to steal your product ideas," said my dad, who was standing next to me at the time. "We're not planning on opening up a supermarket."

SE: Hey, you never know. I get in trouble if they find out you were taking pictures.

When SE left, Dad huffed: "Man, he's not very bright. If anything, you're giving them good publicity by featuring their supermarket in your article [or blog]. Do you look like a spy?" (He laughs.)

Heh.heh. I?

NOTE: I took at least a dozen pictures inside the supermarket before I got caught. Maybe there's a career for me as a secret shopper?

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